Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scene D Repurcussions

Bostonikov, Dirt City, 1936 to 39
Minor Event 8, Cambridge, May 17th

- Following the Butchers’ attack on Bostonikov that resulted in the destruction of the Lysfaenn, Lisabet De Lacey invited allies of Bostonikov to attend a wake, or perhaps party, to mourn the dead.

- Of particular note attending is a male Jay claiming to be Elsie. Investigation yields that he is in fact Elsie’s bartender… seemingly believing he is Elsie. Much confusion abounds.

- The Loon Isambard is reunited with his wife, violently.

- Pahl’Munn attends, with a gift for Alfie. Once assembled, the present turns out to be a pink Idea robot named Chemical Dependency, Chemmy for short. She loves to smoke Nightmare.

- Unsurprisingly, Pahl’Munn tells a very long story about the history of Winged and the Saurids’ origins. In exchange for Resources, Pahl’Munn sends Captain Peep and some others on a  Jaunt - preventing a mugger killing a fictional child’s parents, the group are successful.

- Other guests include Pablo’s betrothed Pippi, ex-MINITru operative Beta, and a Dove from the Pillars of Light.

- Uninvited, Crowley attends. Approached about his “magic”, Crowley teaches Whyam how to construct a magical circle of binding, protecting those inside. Later, Aveophage also attends uninvited, seemingly following her orders to hunt for Cats. No-one reacts well, attempting to take her down, but she keeps reforming. Whyam traps himself and her in the magic circle… and soon realizes what a bad idea that was. An idea is put forward that every Winged sacrifices a small amount of life to Aveophage to satisfy them, but no Kings agree. Crowley reprimands Whyam on that foolish use of power...
- A mystic lady dreamer returns to lead a Seance. Questions are asked to “The First Thing that Died”, but no good answers are retrieved - the “statues” needed to “fix the cage” have long been destroyed, and alternates must be sought.

- A familiar grey rabbit attends, drunk and lamenting his violent job of entertaining Dreamers. “Elsie” and Olora look after him, Olora even inviting him to stay at Bostonikov. Pendleton sang to imbue the Bunny’s Dreamer stories with traces of Despair, reminding his viewers of the finalitya nd despair of death, war, and huge ACME bombs...

- Captain Peep performs a ritual, and summons the Lost warrior, Coallus, Prince of Long Shadows. Using two keys, she unlocks the chains around his neck, causing explosions of blinding light - once she is done, he is seemingly freed from whatever servitude he was forced into. Unsure what to do next, he asks advice on what he should do - some think he should help the other innocent Lost, some ask him to “return” to the Parliament. He asks for time to think, and seemingly has a close relationship with Captain Peep.

- Alfie challenges Coallus to a fight. It is amazingly one-sided, with Coallus not only terrifying Alfie, but also seemingly immune to physical attacks. A blast of Shadowy fire destroys Alfies hammer, Henry the Oppressor, and Coallus is utterly shocked that he can hear Alfie’s hammer talking.

- Rosie, a riveter, comes looking for aid in investigating the Lysfaenn’s crash-site. A group assembles to investigate, but only Olora and “Elsie” get through. Their inability to fly the Duckfoot plane results in firing it’s crane rocket and damaging the Peace Ray. An Angry alfie manages to get in and eject “Elsie”. At Lysfaenn, they discover the survivors refuse to rejoin Bostonikov, believing that Bostonikov never cared for them, and that they think Bostonikov may have Cat connections. They collect fancy tools and rivet-guns from a  factory, and Alfie makes friends with a talking Factory named Trumpington, who they befriend by feeding him Chemmy’s Nightmare smokes. Rosie decides to stay behind, rebuild and bring hope to Lysfaenn.  

- Not long after, the Duckfoot plane is seen leaving towards the River - it returns in terrible shape, seemingly needing extensive repairs.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Scene Q Repurcussions

The Fugue, 1936 to 39
Minor Event 7, Conpulsion, Edinburgh, April 26th

- Pahl’Munn assembles an emergency meeting of Parliament: a silver wave of *something* has spread from the River, and is now encircling the Dream. It is rising and spreading - if it successfully hits the Parliament, the Dream’s heart, it will cause something disastrous...

- Outside the Dream, huge creatures of the Fugue can be seen, wildly active. These “Striders” appear to be blank silhouettes of white blankness, deprived of detail or purpose.

- The Dirt construct an Artefact to discover what the Wave’s purpose is. They discover it is a weapon of “The Above”, named “Pollution”, amongst other info. It appears to be a byproduct of Desire, and is mostly comprised of the same Emotion.

- Pahl’Munn thinks a missing Dreamer pilot (knocked into the Fugue by the Gate’s rubble) can help. In order to help him, he challenges the Raptors to help in another jaunt first…

- A Crimson-Citizen spy for Guild Vulpidae comes looking for help - apparently some massive tree has sprouted from where Lodge Prime was believed to have once been. The tree is glowing and rising uncontrollably into the abyss, threatening to break the edge of the Dream. The Raptors and a White Hand priest explore the tree, discovering it to be something from ancient Dreamer myth, resurrected by Dreamers of the “Guide”.

- Fighting past huge monstrous squirrells, a strange branch designed for crucifixion and sacrifice of the eye in exchange for power, they find a mournful moon-faced creature, a failed “god” who only wants to help children. With his help, the Winged confront the Guide’s Mystics and their plan - to place the tree, acting as a dimensional bridge to far-away, inside a woman’s mind. The ritual is destroyed, the mystics sent cartwheeling into infinity, and the tree is bound inside the lady’s mind, harmless. All that is left over is a gift from their moon-faced ally - a winged, flying chair carved from the tree’s ancient wood, now in the possession of The Raptors...

- This seems to have been Pahl’Munn’s plan, as once three Winged are sitting on the chair, back at the Parliament, it flies off to the Fugue, depositing a puffin, a pigeon, and Warra-Warra the Kookaburra unceremoniously outside a cave in the Fugue. Dodging Striders, the Winged find the burnt trail of the missing pilot, and a cave filled with flittering confused souls and emotion, slumbering Striders (who briefly gain features and personalities when they consume a Soul) - the biggest, friendliest of the Striders is protecting the pilot, who is soon back on his feet after some marvellous medicine. Experimenting, Warra-Warra with help bestows the friendliest Strider with lots of Love, turning it into a walking embodiment of Love (resembling a big happy Kookaburra) - possessed by some great purpose, it runs off to save the Parliament.
- Pahl’Munn helps Selima the duck, who has hypothesised that Despair might help against the Desire wave. Meanwhile, the White Hand Priest attempts to change the Wave’s fundamental nature… but is suddenly cut down. Many think that a trio of ex-MINITru Jackdaws are responsible, but nothing is done or proven…

- The Dirt erect a mighty, one-use dome over the Parliament. Around the same time, others begin to notice their songs fail to work...

- Jocko the Robin has planned to change the Dreamer’s perception of nature, wishing to help and enjoy it rather than take it for granted. With help from a plucky Puffin, he is wildly succesful, rechanneling the Wrath created into the Big Friendly Strider, turning it into an embodiment of Love of Nature. Arms out, it stands in the way of the wave…

- As the tide diminishes, the Winged discover they have been successful. The parliament is unscatehged, the Dreamscape is dirty yet unchanged, the Pollution Wave is visibly weakened, and the Big Friendly Strider dances away...