Character Generation & Downtime

How Do I Make A Character?
  1. Choose what kind of Winged (Bird) you want to play, in which Cotery (Faction).
    Everything currently available in the game (Except Xenos, see below) can be found listed by Cotery here
  2. Email David! This is Very Important. Being on the Mailing List means he can notify you of games and send you your Downtime!
  3. Your character will need a name!
  4. Your character will need to join a House (Group). If you are joining an existing one, ask permission first, then tell David. If you don't, David will ask current relevant House heads if they want a new member. If you want to make a new House, see below.
  5. You will get to choose a History - this is a background option that comes with extra Qualities or Resources.
  6. David will send you a Character Sheet linked as a Google drive Document. Save the link as a Bookmark! It's your entire Character! Your sheet will contain your Stats, Qualities, Songs, Items and anything else!
    Everything's Done!
Don't I Need To Choose Skills?
  • No! Your Qualities are assigned by the Winged Caste you chose!
  • Some Winged (Crows, Children of Horus, Urban, Feral, Poseurs, Militant, Imperialists, etc.) get Quality & Song choices - David will ask you these in an email.
How Do I Make A Xenos?
  • Exactly the same as a regular character, except look at the ideas here and the articles here
  • Xenos are more free reign, but you'll still get to pick from limited options David will send you.
How Do I Make A New Group?
  1. Email David! Discuss ideas with him! He will 99% say yes!
  2. Discuss ideas with your prospective players!
  3. Find somewhere for your House to chat online - Facebook Group, Google Group, Mailing List, etc. Invite David!
How Do I Do My Downtime?
  1. David Will Send You Your Downtime When It Is Ready.
  2. You get a Downtime if you payed money towards an event.
    If you attend a main event (Act) you will receive the Downtime afterwards.
    If you attend a smaller event (Scene), but have not received a Downtime from the previous Act, you will get your Downtime before the Scene.
    If you gave David money but didn't attend, you will still get a Downtime.
  3. Your Downtime will usually consist of 3 Options:
    - Learn a Quality, chosen for you.
    - Learn a Song, chosen for you.
    - Exchange knowledge of a Song or Quality you know for knowledge of a Song or Quality an ally Knows. This is a Teaching Contract. If you do this, both parties must send David independent emails notifying him of exactly what is happening.
  4. Sometimes, you might get extra options based on Blessings, Artefacts, or just things you got up to in play.
  5. You choose One Option.
  6. That's it! Downtime over! One of the big focuses in Ornithocracy is what your character does in uptime. Downtime (and especially extra options) are rewards for your roleplay (or, at minimum, the least we can do if you payed but could not attend). Downtime is not an active part of the game.

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