Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cotery: Rogue

Rogue or "Houseless" Winged are those without any alliance to a Cotery or House, no family or friends. They have turned their backs on their allies, betrayed their closest friends, or simply struck out on their own.

As a Rogue Winged, you:
  • Belong to no House or Cotery
  • Have No Patrons, as you have no House
  • Cannot stand for Conductor
  • Cannot Vote
  • Cannot perform an Overture. If demanded to, you must state you are Rogue, and step away.
  • Will often be looked down upon by other, Cotery-allied Winged
Any Winged can be Rogue:
  • New Winged choosing to play Rogue will not be able to choose a History.
  • Existing Winged willing to leave their House or Cotery may name themselves Rogue at any time. It is  a great taboo to declare yourself Rogue in front of your family, House & Cotery, and will often incite desperate pleas to reconsider.
  • A Rogue may join / rejoin a House by swearing allegiance to that House, and being accepted by that House's members, and especially Kings. Seeking audience with that House's Patron for recognition is often the final step to rehabilitation.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Scene I Repercussions

Minor Event 1, August 2012

- A Social Gathering, held by House Aquilla of the Raptors, hosted by Primus Aquillus. It is held in honour of his close ally, The Grand Duchess of Bubos, Perdita D'Bubos. The Grand Duchess, scared that being so close to death she will leave no heirs, is searching for a new Duke or Duchess to take her place, as keeper of the Tower D'Bubos and the greatest Raptor library. Many are tested by the Duchess...

- House Gustav are notified by House Aquilla's Secretaries that something is very wrong with their standard - they are shown an ancient catacomb chamber containing standards for every Raptor House still standing "in honour & blood". All dead houses havea  broken standrad... as does House Gustav. After some talking and symbolic crafting, a new standard is crafted, representing the new House, with it's Lost brothers and sisters. An important lesson is discovered about the structure of a House...

- Primus is generally kind and agreeable, although his views on the Lost stand out compared to House Gustav. He also makes strange remarks about "The Great Roman People", his power over a man named "Benito", and preparations for a "second, greater war..."

- Jacko is an exceedingly good gambler. He publicly vows to rescue Dawn from the Veil and return her to life.

- The Grand-Duchess announces her replacement - to everybody's shock, she chooses Titus of Forest Kachiri. Not long after, she performs a haunting song and collapses, dying on her feet. Everybody present swears to have seen a strange, ghostly figure for only a second, wings spread like an angel, details made of stars...

Act I Repercussions

Major Event 2, March 2012
1914 to 1918

- Admiral Daniels of the Fool's Errand is voted as Conductor. Very soon after, the Green make a loud, and potentially violent argument, and are bequeathed back the ownership of  their weapons.

- Dreamer guests include a soldier chased by another Butcher, a guilt-suffering survivor from some terrible boat accident, a mad monk called Grigori, two alienists named Carl & Sigmund, a short-sighted General, an asylum patient, and an opera singer.

- Dawn the Gull, thought dead, reappears... as a Crow. The Bounty's crew are unsure what to do...

- A lucid dreamer named Aleister makes his entrance, making it cloear he wants nothing less than the same control the Winged have. His abilities are strange and seem based on imagination rather than singing. He is ejected temporarily.

- Forerst Leyatii is attacked by a rogue Dirt War-Eyrie, the Lysfaenn. Their Robin bests the Mockingbird commander in a siege, and the Lysfaenn is claimed by the Green. Rumours of "Cats" begin to circulate...

- An Insane, Lost Owl attacks. He is made swift work of...

- A group of Bolshevik Pigeons attend, making a nuisance of themselves and spouting propaganda. A number are captured and executed after causing violence.

- A dreamer doctor claims to fighting some strange "Spanish Flu" - he is followed by swathes of the same Butchers as before. When he is checked for the clues, all that can be found are puzzle pieces. During the chaos, the pieces are stolen and mislaid numerous times, until it is eventually solved. The Butchers stop appearing...

- A strange, glowing "Child of Horus" challenges The Eye's Seshemat to an "Ancient Children's Card Game". The Sehemat wins - the ancient cards display strange Winged...

- Squire Visconti, a Grebe, brings the Riverstates terrible information - an Ancient Gigant Swan is attacking the Riverstates Houses, consuming all those beaten into her icy vale. The mercenarial Grebes are recruited, and sent to intercept Empress Articana's chilling advance...

- Two groups of Ambassadors appear: The Xenos, headed by a Macaw, a Ruby-Caste Hummingbird and a well-dressed Penguin, and the Lost, headed by the cold Empress Articana and the previous 1880's Conductor, the Caracara Tenebrae Fols. Articana challenges Gloriana and her Imperium, and is swiftly counter-challenged by Carla - she leaves, prepared to duel for the River...

- The Hummingbird, angered, challenges Fols, and is destroyed. Fols is warmly embraced by the Raptors, who ask their patron Tururl to have him accepted into their family. Gustav steps down as King, bowed by too many walking ancestors...

- Aleister Crowley suddenly returns, backed by suited, robed armed henchmen baring symbols similar to both MINITru and the Eye. Chaos breaks out, as he attempts to either kidnap or kill Admiral Daniels. Despite being a Dreamer holding a leg of suspicious meat, Crowley holds his own with his arcane powers, but is eventually forced to flee, alongside his followers. One is not so lucky - tortured, the man named Cosmo Hartley explains little, except some Dreamer organization named "The Golden Dawn", and Crowley's attempts to birth "The Moonchild". Dondarrion, a Crane of the RiverStates, vows there and then to destroy the Moonchild.

- As the Parliament closes, it becomes apparent the Dodo Nikostratus and the Moa known simply as "The Professor" have achieved something great - with a powerful Artefact ritual, the two have deconstructed and rebuilt some colossal, ancient device, now in the centre of the Dream. The Cage is easily as big as a country, and appears to be made of millions of giant ancient Dreamcatchers. Supposedly, every Winged who has ever died and not been consumed is inside...

Overture Repercussions

Major Event 1, December 2011

- With no meeting since the early 1880's, the Parliament re-opens it's doors in 1914. It is originally hosted by two Dodos, temporarily conducted by the Dodo Zenobia. After overtures, Father of the White Hand is voted Conductor.

- Dreamer guests include a suffragette and her "straw man" aggressor, a man building an intercontinental railroad, and a scared little girl.

- Other Guests include a strange heavily armed "Butcher" who reaps a dying soldier's soul, two "Brothers Piscus" of the fish, and a rogue Mockingbird.

- Bonnie & Clyde, a pair of Chickens demanding citizenship, are snatched up by the Riverstates swiftly.

- A Rook of unknown Veil house approaches Dawn of the Bounty and feeds her Despair. It is unclear what happens next, but Dawn is witnessed dying, then her body her bursting and fading away. The Rook is heavily questionned and searched, but no Soul or proof can be found...

- The Green of Forest Kachiri appease their Patron and unleash a burst of negative emotion, causing rage and brashness. Midst the Chaos, both the Rook and Kachiri are murdered. It is decided by Conductor & committee to deny the Green their weapons from then on.

- In closure, the Dodos sing a song to summon another Lost Winged. Many join in and donate emotion. The result is Haastia, an Ancient Eagle, who demands worship and respect - the House of Raptor immediately embrace her.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scene Zero Repercussions

Notes: I've been wanting to do these for a while, but they're a lot of work. Might go back to doing Acts 0 to 3 and Scenes 1 to 2 in this format as well alter. However, as none of the regular players were at Scene Zero, and there were repercussions, here they are.

Minor Event 3, April 2013

- An impromptu council of Winged was gathered in MINITru Lodge 21, to discuss the idea of Dreamers using flight. The almost unanimous answer was a resounding negative.

- A Loon & Mockingbird were able to help Amelia Earhart make a name for herself, yet meddling and sabotage from others led to her leaving, and never returning. Her mount / plane was a huge fire-breathing mechanical horse, named Bessie - a Goose named Uncle Antonio believes he knows where this mysterious beast came from...

- Due to efforts from The Green, Charles Lindbergh has taken a step down from aerial exploration to spend time with his son. In an effort to enforce this, Green & MINITru agents tracked down the missing child to a Pyramid Construct belonging to the Pillars of Light. The Construct was destroyed, the child rescued, and returned to his family. Lindbergh has retired from the public eye,a nd fled with his family to Europe. Rumours say that his son was kidnapped, but further rumours say this is a publicity stunt to allow the Lindberghs to escape...

- Captain Jeanette Piccard's efforts to explore the Stratosphere were hampered by a trigger-happy Parrot who shot down her balloon. It is believed the attempt was still eventually successfully made, but Jeanette stood down as pilot, allowing her husband Jean to go instead. Although still highly respected, Piccard's setback has severely hampered American attempts at space flight...

- In an effort to be the first to bridge the gap between the Dream and the Abyss, a Raven and her two Magpie Students have built a colossal, star-spanning door. Lush, beautiful and sparkling with gilt & jewels, the portal can only be opened by a single, specific key. This key is physical, and belongs to the Raven in question - it can be obtained, on permission. As such, the Mourning Veil now have access to the Abyss, and the colour beyond it, while all other Coteries look on jealously...

- ...however, the Xenos are now severely hampered as there is a huge wall they cannot pass blocking them from the Dream, and their Ambassadors from them. Communications with Xenos Patrons are difficult, and any new Xenos entering the Dream has to pay a very large toll.

- Pahl'Muun, the spirit of Parliament, has accepted Insurance from the Riverstates, sold by Kingfisher Mercy, on his property of the Parliament. If the Parliament should be destroyed, the Riverstates, in particular Mercy's House of Silent Stream, should pay up enough to rebuild it. Considering thea ge and contents of the Parliament, this sum might be slightly ridiculous...