Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ornithocracy Scene Zero - Airheart

It has come to this.
The Dreamers have reached higher and higher, aiming for the skies and mastery over the air. And now, in this human year of 1932, they are close to dominance.
But we are the Winged. Creatures of the Air, and Song, and Creation! We decide who rises and who falls.
Brought together in the vaults of the Ministry of Truth's Lodge 14, this emergency council must judge and decide humanity's place in the sky. And drink, sing and socialize.
Should we give them the knowledge, or send them crashing to their blue-green orb?
Should we enable them, or hinder them?
And is it just you... or does every Winged here have another agenda?

Scene Zero is an Ornithocracy minor Live Roleplay event being held on the afternoon of Saturday the 13th of April, as part of the roleplay festival Conpulsion. It is designed for new players, easing them into the world  of Ornithocracy, the themes of the 1930's (Exploration, Depression, Aviation... and the lingering shadows of War & The Occult), and the system of Singing (Spellcasting via performance - Not necessarily actually Singing). There will be no full-on combat, but it is possible to have weapons and possible murder (with Paper sheets!).

We will have 10 pre-made characters, each with goals and agendas, and once those are gone we will happily add more, all pre-made and ready for play. If you want to reserve one of these, see your sheet early, and even prepare some light, themed costume, just ask!

We can run for over 20 players, if we're that popular! We will be recruiting before, and during, Conpulsion.

These 5 are most crucial:
- A Mockingbird, a business-minded and scientifically-progressive overseer of The Dirt 
- A Raven, an artist, imagineer and Dream-Weaver of The Mourning Veil
- A Loon, an easily excitable explorer & inventor of the recently disassembled Wavefarers
- An Owl, a clandestine Scholar of The Most Noble House of Raptor
- A Dove, a Freedom & Peace Cultist of the occult Pillars of Light 

These 5 are less crucial, but aid the plots of the above.
- A Goose, a detective and policeman of the renaissant Riverstates
- A Robin, a druid, bard, and protector of The Green, Nature Itself.
- A Jackdaw, an agent and investigator of The Ministry of Truth, MINITru
- A Duck, a royal servant and courtier of the anachronistic, miliatiristic Fading Eye
- A Dove, a monk and cleric of the pacifistic and orthodox Church of The White Hand

If interested, please contact
Hope to see you there!

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