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Cotery: The Red

Before Everything Else, There Was The Red. And The Red Was Blood.
Amidst The Red There Was More. The Green Of Life. The Blue Of Freedom. The White Of Purity.
Wild And Red And Free Was Life. Wrath And Experience Was Left Without Corruption Of Outside. And It Was Good.
But Then Came The Grey. The Dirt And Filth From Outside. And The Green Screamed With The Pain, Writhing It's Roots And Claws With Wild Abandon. And The Green Died.
Many Were Torn Away, Secluded And Seperated. And The Red Howled In Lunatic Violence. To Be Pure.

Following the Third Parliament Of The New Age, Queen Kachiri and her Forest stepped away from the power of The Green by publicly felling one face of the God of Nature in the Parliaments hallowed halls. Under the guidance of Purity of Vigor, the Patron of 20th Century Violence, the so-called Red had made the moves to declare themselves their own Cotery.

And with revolt came change - all unaffiliated Kiwis and Moorhens abandoned their homes in the dappled light of the forests to move to the blood-splattered woods of Kachiri's home. Cappercaelies and Shrikes seemed torn, while the Turkeys and Wood-Pigeons refused to budge, the former sickened, the latter objecting to total consumption.

But the Butcher-Woods of Kachiri's forest grew - fields of crimson grass wet with spoils, the trees blooming with flesh, and the natural springs of barbed-wire and taken prizes. And none were welcome but their own.

The Red are the spirit of Nature's Violence, the natural force of the blood-soaked grass and raw crimson life which still ebbs endlessly and strong in the Dream. Servants of the original message of nature - violence, revenge, and blood without restriction. The Red see the other Coetries as infected & weak, following ideas and concepts introduced from the filth of Human Dreams - they see The Dirt as Utterly Without Sympathy, and the worst heathens of all. Death is too good for them. They also see Doves as pathetic and grovelling to equally pathetic patrons. Their relations with their discarded brothers in The Green are... strained, with the Green holding a more rational and diplomatic standpoint to berserk violence.

The Red walk the Dream preaching Flesh over Words and Natural Order. The Red are worn and wise, and are often approached as judges and second opinions on many decisions.
Red Coteries resemble huge, living flesh forests, crawling and endlessly growing across the Dreamscape.

Five Principals of The Red
  • Sacrifice 
  • Violence 
  • Nature 
  • Truth 
  • Wounds 

OC, The Red can be played as Robin Hood et al, Rohan, Wood Elves, "Celts", Tribal Cult.

Green Birdsong is, in my head, Folk, Angry Celt, tribal chanting, Hippy Song, Beat Poetry, Jim Morrison.

- - -


The Rabble (Wrens, Tits, Finches, Sparrows, Swallows) are the noisome squabble of the Red - young, immature, free roaming ingenues and pranksters who care for no-one's rules. The Rabble are massively untrusted by other factions thanks to their almost indecipherable idiot-talk and tendency to steal whatever isn't nailed down. The Rabble have no definite structure to their cells of bickering child gangs, but instead will promote whoever is "Best For The Situation", by stuffing garments down their top and proclaiming them a "Great Tit". Rabble are very good at getting underfoot, and rely on strength in numbers - Even the most noble and battle-hardened of Eagles will consider his chances against a large group of immature yet closely knit Rabble.
Robins consider Rabble "Servants Of The Red In Training", and do their best to raise Rabble into their prospective trades: Warriors, Hunters, Bards, Singers, Leaders. Many Rabble are willing. Many are not.
Rabble are incredibly inquisitive, and very good at getting information and learning interesting bits and pieces. Rabble have something of a Cargo Culture, appropiating "misplaced" things and focussing their whole attention around these lost goods... until they find a new one to fixate over. Rabble and Magpies consider each other friends, and often mingle to trade shinies, pass stories and tell rude jokes about their superiors.
Rabble wear rags, tattered cloaks, and stolen clothes. Rabble often carry small knives and rocks. For breaking windows. Rabble are good entertainers, and many make friends with other coetries thanks to their mastery of fiddle, flute or guitar.

Type: Pawn
Plumage: Any Colour
MakeUp: Colour on Cheeks
Beak: Small
Inspirations: Urchins, Peter Pan & Lost Boys, The Lost Boys (Vampires), Artful Dodger, Kender, Gogol Bordello
Oppurtunities: Thieves Guild, Urchin, Bard, Comedian, Liason
Qualities: Knifesman, Emotionalist, Quick

- -


Dire Winged are those Winged from other Coteries who never felt right within their stone walls, restrained by civilization's laws & clandestine constrictions, instead spurned (or spurred) into fleeing their homes & running away to the Red. Many disregard their entire previous lives, but still use the practices they learnt before to help them attain their needs, except now with an extra layer of wild abandon, chaos & violence.

Dire birds are often seen as Fences and go-to Winged, as their past-connections to other Coteries may be useful, although their Ex-Cotery may not be pleased to see their defector-turned barbarian.

The Phys-repping for Dire is based on the kind of Dire bird you are, and which Coterie you fled from. Please ask and think sensibly about which kind of Dire Winged you can play.
Type: Pawn
Plumage: See Above
FacePaint: See Above
Beak: See Above
Emotion: Wrath

Oppurtunities: Refugee, Gypsy, Militia, Runaway, Thief, Savage
Qualities: Hardy, Quick, One More Based On Prievious Breed Of Winged

- -


Grouse are the main militia of The Red- warriors who live off the land and trees and know how to protect their territories.
Aggressive defenders, Grouse are used to dealing with outsiders to the Red, and have an amiable Public face, but everyone knows not to push too hard or tread too far with a Grouse.
Grouse wear furs and simple handmade clothes and jewelery - more jewelery, means a better warrior. Grouse carry Spears, and know how to use them.

Type: Pawn
Plumage: Brown
MakeUp: White or Blue Wode
Beak: Small
Emotion: Wrath

Inspirations: Highlanders, "Celts", Asterix, Rohan
Oppurtunities: Farmer, Pathkeeper, Defender, Pathfinder, Militia, Trader, Pheasant's Attendent, Pheasant's Pet
Qualities: Spearsman, Quick, Hardy

- -


Robins are Rabble who have proven themselves in battle, or have been overly heroic in a way most rabble would never consider. The red chest of the Robin is a tattoo, a reminder of the Robins' original purpose of ferrying dreams and being spurned for it by the hate of the world outside the Red. Robins are close to The Forest, and can feel and hear things Rabble cant. Robins' connection to the Forest can fill them with emotion, leaving them angry and determined.

Robins wear cloaks, some crimson clothing, and hoods. They often carry Bows, which they are proficient with.

Type: Knight, or Bishop
Plumage: Red, Brown
MakeUp: Red Spirals on Exposed Skin
Beak: Small yellow
Emotion: Wrath
Inspirations: Wood Elves, Bards, Pathfinders, Robin Hood
Oppurtunities: Bard, Sniper, Trader, Storyteller, Hunter, Guardian

Knight Qualities: Bowsman, Sharpeshooter, Quick, Quicker, Armoured0
Bishop Qualities: Bowsman, Sharpeshooter

- -


Shrike are Rabble whose raucous nature has... progressed that of their brethren. Visually indistinct to their rabble, a Shrike's mind is nothing more than violent immature pranks, experiments with knives, and friendly chats that end with the Shrike taking you outside for "some quiet time". No-one really trusts obvious Shrike, so they act within the Rabble as a violent stop-gap. It is rumoured that Shrikes do... things to the bodies of those they kill they consider enemies. Nothing has been proved. Or described comfortably.
Shrike dress in cloaks, rags and stolen clothes. Shrikes carry small knives, and more than usually, a hatchet.

Type: BishopPlumage: Any Colour, White Plume
MakeUp: Colour on Cheeks
Beak: SmallEmotion: Wrath
Inspirations: Butchers, Reavers, Highwaymen, 80's Movie Slashers, Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper
Oppurtunities: Lethal Protector, Butcher, Violent Guardian, Assassin, Tracker
Qualities: Axesman, Butcherer

- -

Tree Creeper

Sometimes Rabble go wrong. They develop nigh uncontrollable, dark urges to kill, murder, maim and mutilate. They become Tree Creepers. Within the Red such individuals are prised for their bloody insight and the purity of their Wrath.
Some manage to hide their desires enough that they can blend in with the rest of the Rabble until their Wrath breaks free and they strike. Others stalk the dripping flesh forests seeking their next victim. Some find employment as dark amusements for Moorhen Queens in the most twisted of the Red Houses where they indulge in orgies of torture with any unfortunate enough to be captured by the House. The least deranged act as investigators within the Red seeking out infiltrators and those who do not wholeheartedly support the bloody path their patron demands.
Other Winged fear known Tree Creepers as even the best of them are bloody handed inquisitors happy to play judge, jury and executioner whilst the worst of them are simply crazed serial killers.
Rumours surround the Tree Creepers, the most common being that even the bloody service the Red demands is not enough for them and that many serve even more primal, chthonic entities.

Type: Knight
Plumage: Brown, white
MakeUp: Brown stripe across eyes
Beak: Small, downward curved, brown
Emotion: Wrath
Inspirations: Dexter, WH40K Death Adepts, Every giggling psycho with a knife who ever stood behind a super villain, Witch Elves, Hoodies, Torquemada (Nemesis)
Oppurtunities: Assassin, Henchman, Footpad, Cultist, Twisted Jester
Qualities: Quick, Quicker, Knifesman, Footpad, Ripper

- -


Capercailies are the Grouse and quail whose defensive natures have grown even too violent and aggressive for most Red to understand. Capercailies are dark, shunned pariahs, often considred cursed because of their dark, violent tendencies, living in isolated caves, dark forest depths or hilly outcrops, often alone. However, when The Red needs to assault an enemy, Capercailies will stand amongst their bretheren, and the strength behind their spears are valued more deadly than any other.
Capercailies wear rags and furs, and sometimes relics and trophies stolen from fallen enemies and allies alike. They carry handweapons and spears. Usually very, very large spears. Ordained with trophies.

Type: Knight
Plumage: Brown or Black, Black Plume
MakeUp: Black or White Wode
Beak: Small
Emotion: Wrath
Inspirations: Berserkers, Hermits, Really Violent highlanders, Barbarians, Dervish
Oppurtunities: Judicial champion, Spear of The Red, Gladiator, Hermit, Executioner, Berserker Line-Breaker
Qualities: Hardy, Hardier, Spearsman, Pikesman, Berzerkerist

- -


Red fights Green. Wrath fights Wrath. Predators feed on both.

Their exact relations to the Raptors, Green & Red extremely shady, the Sparrowhawks are big game hunters and opportunistic killers - Hawks, Kites & Kestrels who have been amongst the enemy, living as them, killing as them. Hearts of darkness, bullets of cold indifference, these predators kill for little more than the thrill of death and personal score. Sparrowhawks treat hunting as a game, awarding a single point for a Rabble, an extra ten for an entire gang.

Among the Red, they hunt Green; Among the Green, they hunt Red.
They're not stupid, so hunting their allies within their own territory is always highly unlikely and morally stupid - although an aristocrat's patience with barbarian peasants can only be strained *so* far...

Robins and other Feral look at them with a terrified respect; studied murderers, who could easily turn their indifferent claws on you given half a reason.Their relationship with the Raptors is equally strained; they may be traitors, but at least their guns aren't aimed at *us*. They often serve as ambassadors between both, and promote healthy relations between the Noble Houses and the Forests. However, it is impossible to judge, push comes to shove, where their loyalties truly lie: with their blood, or the forest that enabled them to spill it so easily...

Type: Knight
Plumage: Brown
MakeUp: Brown under eyes, Blood on Lips
Beak: Small
Emotion: Nightmare
Qualities: Riflesman, Sniperito, Swordsman, Knifesman, Fearfulism

- -


Following the first Parliament, Great Xenos Hunter Pokatua vowed to serve as Ambassador to The Red. Following that, many Kiwis have joined the Red as Hunters.
Originally from the Veridian Mesa, Kiwis are resourceful and tough Hunters, determined to never lose a prey.

Type: Knight
Plumage: Brown
MakeUp: Bright Green Swirls
Beak: Small
Emotion: Hate
Qualities: Hardy, Hardier, Hardiest, Spearsman, Knifesman

- -


Riverstates Scholars claim that before The Swans came, they had another race of Queens. But something terrible happened, and the last Queen fled into The Green and was Never Seen Again.
Similarly, Woodpeckers claim that The Moorhens came to them a long time ago, but far more recently than the other Winged, in the Ageless Eyes of The Green. Make of this what you will.
Moorhens are protective, territorial berserker queens, that embody The Red - the side of The Forest devoted to Natural Violence. Already strong of wing and full of emotion, Moorhens become particularly dangerous when one of their beloved subjects are attacked - then their wrath is incalculable. Moorhens never forget grudges, and fly into berserk rages against chosen targets they see as a threat to their "Children". Rumours of Moorhens enacting special rites with a dead "child" are strange and unfounded, mostly mentioning cannibalism.
Moorhens wear braids, leather armour, cloaks, and often carry two hatchets or an ornate spear.
Moorhens are an Amazonian, entirely female culture. Any male born is considred both a She and A Queen. No-one argues with these decisions, considering a Moorhen's Wrath.

Type: Queen
Plumage: Black / Blue, Red Plume on Head
Makeup: Red or Blue Wode
Beak: Small Yellow
Emotion: Wrath
Inspirations: Xena, Boddica, Berserkers, Amazons, Vikings, Beowulf, Hippolyta, Wonder Woman
Oppurtunities: Various Degrees of Berserker Queen. That's about it.
Qualities: Axesman, ‘Hacker, Berzerkerist 

- -


Woodpeckers are the Druids and Voice of The Forest. Woodpeckers are strange, lofty beings, known to speak almost entirely in birdsong and riddle, prophecy and command. Woodpeckers enact strange song and dances in order to commune with The Forest, and command strange, supernatural control over the roaming forests of The Red. Woodpeckers are highly respected and guarded by The Red- Even a headstrong Pheasant or Moorhen will stand down on a decision if a Woodpecker speaks up. They consider themselves guardians of the Verbal Histry of The Red, and pride their skills of tongue above all others.
Woodpeckers wear ornate cloaks, jewelery, and swirling, glowing tattoos on their green plumage. Woodpeckers carry staffs, and ornate daggers. The Staffs are for hiking. The Knives are for Ceremony. Obviously.

Type: King
Plumage: Green or Gold
MakeUp: Green Spirals on Exposed Skin
Beak: Long Thin
Emotion: Wrath
Inspirations: Druids, Merlin, Swamp Thing, Man Thing, Eldar Farseers
Oppurtunities: Druid, Storyteller, Visier, Judge
Qualities: Orator, Emotionalist, Fearfulism 

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