Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 2012 Update

  • Following Act II, have updated both The Basics (Emotion Consumption, Licenses) and Qualities pages.
  • Have added Ripper, Shivism, Energist & Empowered to Qualities.
  • Berzerk has been extensively changed. Furor has been removed... for now.
  • New Winged yet to be added: Loons, Auks, Razorbills, Skuas, Great Auks to the Wavefarers, Moa and Dodos to the Raptors, Gulls & Barn Owls for The Dirt.
  • New Cotery added: The Red.
Upcoming Events:
  • I will be promoting Ornithocracy at the Larp Awareness Party, November 3rd, at St Johns School, Tower Road, Epping, Essex, CM16 5EN. I will be talking about our approach to events, moral dilemmas, rewarding player actions,etc. All while dressed as a Bird!
    Hope to see you there!
  • We have Ornithocracy: Scene II at The Mitre, High Street, Oxford, OX1, on Sunday 9th December. It's an IC Party, upstairs in the Function Room, starting at midday, ending maybe 9. We're both IC and OC celebrating a Year of Birds in some way or another. We hope there'll be plot and excitement, and a few surprise Guests! It's £5 entry, and we can order drink & food (the staff there are great).
  • Currently I'm looking at moving house. This means if I move town, so does Ornithocracy. Just a heads up now...

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