Friday, February 8, 2013

New Xenos: Ostrich

OSTRICH - Competitive and determined, Ostriches are very fast and very strong, with naturally vicious claws. They may seem like perfect Soldiers, but armies do not breed the pure competition that they thrive on. Instead, Ostriches are all athletes: right from their earliest memories, all chicks know exactly what sport or activity they want to be The Very Best at, and spend the rest of their lives excelling at. Sprinting, Hurdling, Discus, Swimming, Pugilism, Javelin, Synchronized Dancing, Weight Lifting, Archery; Almost all sports and physical activities have, in Xenos history, been invented by determined young Ostriches, simply wishing to be the best at it. Sometimes, these sports and challenges become... extreme, as each athlete tries to outdo their compatriots.
Sprinting... under threat of fire.
Hurdling... over vicious Aquatic Memory beasts.
Discus... with a bladed disc.
The greater the threat, the greater the challenge, the greater the thrill for all involved: Ostriches love watching sport as much as taking part.
Ostriches let nothing stand in their way, not even disfigurement: the more & more extreme the sports get, the more likely it is to become mauled or wounded. This can lead to lost limbs... but that's never a stop for Ostriches, simply something new to accommodate. These "Alter" Ostriches (to a challenge prone Ostrich, there is no such thing as handicap or disability) are treated no different to any other Ostriches, although it is not uncommon for these Alters to become elders in Ostrich society, known colloquially as "Judges" - it is they that have, hands down, achieved the hardest challenges, and often the most.
Ostriches *never* turn down a challenge: walking away is failing, coming last is... coming last. There's always room for improvement. They are incredibly honourable, sportsmanship being their lifeblood. They like to party hard.
Every time the Colour Spiral rotates a "Silver Moon" (A phenomena occurring from light coalescing around the Golden Stream of the Aurum), the Toucans and Ostriches ally to host and run the Argentum Games in the centre of the colossal Silver Bazaar. A huge series of sports games, winners of each game are lauded and celebrated, and even "losing" participants are showered with respect. The great finale comes in the form of the mind-blowingly dangerous Tetrathalon. Those who... do not "finish" the four challenges are given a Hero's funeral, complete with ecstatic parties.

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