Friday, February 8, 2013

New Xenos: Quetzals

QUETZALS - Enemies of the Hummingbirds, the green & red Quetzals claim that they lived in the floating bronze Hedron Temple Cities of the Aurum first. Some terrible war, or fall from Grace later, and the Quetzals operate from ruinned, collapsed Hedrons, remnants of both awesome technology & ancient power, left to rot and stagnate. Quetzals have the potential for great power and science if they would just look beneath their own feet... but too many are simply driven by an effort to reclaim the Aurum. Some claim theya re the offspring of great, enormous terrible Gods from the Dream... others pick their words more carefully.
Obsessive, opportunistic, arrogant, ambitious. Quetzals thrive on personal gain, but enjoy the look or value of something expensive, rather than it's use. Quetzals do not have a caste system: all Quetzals are equal, although there is a self-designated Senate, where major decisions and quarrels are decided by knife fight. Quetzals often refer to themselves or other as Quetzal, believing they are one, unanimous people with a single great goal - individual names are only used in times of great anger, disappointment, or arousal.
Scarification and piercings are popular among Quetzals.
Rumours of attempts to summon the Avatar of their endless, terrible patron run deep. Although it seems unlikely, a terrible Avatar of Revenge intent on smashing the Bronze Temples haunts the fears of many Hummingbirds...

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