Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Scene III Repercussions

Minor Event 4, Durham, June 2013
1932, Hosted by Forest Rabble (Previously Leyati)

The Rabble of the Green held a party to discuss matters, mostly related to their conflict with the Red.

A confused but haughty Falcon of The fading Eye demanded an explanation as to why they were summoned to the Raptors. It becomes apparent that many of the Falcons are moving back to the Raptors, alongside the Merlins. What this will mean for Raptor / Eye relationships is yet to be seen.

Angry at having been declared war upon, an Avatar of the Red, Vore, demands audience from the Green, and is attacked. Raptors try to get involved, but Pahl’Mun is fast to stop them, declaring it is the Green’s fight. However, once the Green are all downed, and the Avatar is wounded, almost everyone attacks it, forcing it to berserk and fight back against most of the Parliament. It is felled, and it’s Soul is given to The Green. Pahl’Mun is apalled that the Raptors and Veil would involve themselves in someone else’s disagreement...

Following a disagreement over Pokatua’s actions during the red Avatar’s attack, Skreech challenges him toa duel - if Skreech wins, the Kiwis will rejoin the Green, if Pokatua wins, the war between the Red & Green is disolved. The duel starts: Pokatua’s spear is destroyed swiftly, however he is dealt a nasty wound to his foot, not by Skreech but by momentum. Unfit to fight, they agree to postpone their duel...

Meanwhile, Ress the Great, Champion of the Rabble, gets into a kazoo duel with Finn of the Lost. It quickly escalates, and Ress is backed into a corner and wounded - a Veil shrike offers to alleviate her pain, to which she agrees... and is publically murdered in front of a shocked and appalled audience. Enraged, Skreech kills the Shrike. Ress returns, bandaged and bleeding, but very definetly dead - she only has a few hours with her House before she must stand at her Patron’s side...

A terrified soldier comes looking for aid - a strange war machine, showing influence from both the Dirt & Red, is attacking the Forest. A number of Green & Raptors storm the skeletal flesh and metal abomination, aided by a fast, flying shadow that keeps the warmachine’s flying machines at bay. It is explosively dealt with, showering the Forest with flesh and metal.

Skreech & Pokatua’s duel restarts - Skreech is swiftly downed by Pokatua’s blast of thorns. The war is called off - Ress & Skreech disagree loudly on this, and it is generally accepted that the Rabble will not be returning to Parliament, intent on defending their forest.

Roth of Forest Locrinus turns up, and settles his disagreements with the Rabble, prepared to speak for them on behalf of the Green & Locrinus. It looks likely it is Roth, the temperate and conscientious Grouse, who will inherit Ress’ Juror position.

A strange, sparkly lady of unfamiliar appearance crashes into the party, wounded. She claims to be running away from a horrible beast, and has spent decades looking for aid - a group of Raptors agree to help her, and follow her... to a rift in the dream, leading to elsewhere. What they encounter cannot truely be comprehended, but is, for now, apprehended...

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