Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Coteries: Plunderhearts & Haven-Holme

Following a decision by Captain Jim Ross, the Wavefarers accepted the Lost Great Awks amongst their numbers. This proved to be the last straw for the savage Shags, who felt that they had been left out of the political decisions of the Parliament. Reacting with violence and aggression, they blamed the blissful Puffins, who were swiftly defended by the honourable Cormorant navy - this resulted in a definite and possibly violent schism between the more reserved Cormorants and adventurous Shags.

At the fourth new meeting of Parliament, the Wavefarers attending were forced to make decisions - the Shags had declared war, and refused to occupy the same Cotery as the Puffins. Similarly, the Cormorants refused to stay allied to the Shags, and threatened to remove all Cormorant titles from Wavefarers if the Shags stayed. An unpopular, but definitive decision was agreed: the Wavefarers would be dissolved, and two new Coteries arise in its place. Many Wavefarers have left all Coteries behind, disgusted at this turn of events.

The two new Coteries exemplify the two sides of a Wavefarer - Haven-Holme exhibit excitement and bliss in exploration and indulgence, favouring Cormorant & Loon expedition missions and Puffin & Awk resort islands. The Plunderhearts are the more violent nature of the Shags & Albatrosses, focussing on raiding and looting. All Wavefarers have either chosen a side, or gone their own way.

All playable Wavefarers are one of these two factions. An existing Wavefarer can join either.
A new Wavefarer can only join one whose crew allows his kind of Winged.

Much of the Wavefarer flavour still applies to both factions, just with an emphasis on the feel below.

Due to player action & reaction, it is unlikely the Wavefarers will stay disbanded, thus the limited information here.

- -

Led by the plundering Shags, the Plunderhearts exhibit the more violent, piratical side of Wavefarers, with a  focus on raiding other Eyries, blazes of destruction, and unconditioned violence. Much more Corsairs & Vikings than sailors, the Shags have established a respect with and for the ultra-violent Red, and even the wise Green, understanding the necessity of Wrath, even during Adventure. Plunderheart expeditions will be focused on fighting & stealing. Shags are known to treat the minimal Puffins within their ranks with disdain and loathing, being unusually cruel towards them.

The Shags have declared war upon Haven-Holme and the Cormorants. An Eyrie-Battle is to be expected.

Haven-Holme eyries resemble either huge savage Shag longboats, or the ship / fleet of a corsair.

The five principles are:
  1. Adventure
  2. Pillage
  3. Victory
  4. Destruction
  5. Courage
Available Winged:
Pawns - Shipwrecked, Gulls, Razorbills, Shag Sailors, Penguins
Bishops - Pelicans
Knights - Frigates, Shag Marauders, Skua
Kings - Shag Jarls, Albatrosses

- -

Led by the relaxed Puffins and adventurous Cormorants, the expanding resort of Haven-Holme exhibits the more pleasurable, social and experiencing side of Wavefarers, with a  focus on celebrating, expeditions of exploration, and defensive maneuvers. Much more Sailors & Explorers than pirates, the Cormorants have established a respect with and for the pacifistic Church of the White Hand, and even the occult Pillars of Light, understanding the necessity of Bliss, even during Adventure. Haven-Holme expeditions will be focused on exploring & rescuing. Cormorants are known to treat the minimal super-violent Winged within their ranks with pity and contempt, often completely ignoring or disrespecting them.

Haven-Holme is very protective of it's Great Awks, the main reason they split from the Wavefarers.

Haven-Holme eyries resemble either well-kept Cormorant ships, or Puffin & Awk resort towns, built around beautiful islands. Some even resemble ancient Great Awk temple cities, all marble and hedonism.

The five principles are:
  1. Adventure
  2. Exploration
  3. Stories
  4. Determination
  5. Care
Available Winged:
Pawns - Shipwrecked, Cormorant Sailors, Razorbills, Puffins, Parakeets, Penguins
Bishops - Parrots, Loons, Great Auks
Knights - Cormorant Heroes
Kings - Cormorant Admirals, Auks

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