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Cotery: The Dirt

Many centuries ago, a group of Doves became bored with The Chorus, believing there was more to life than non-interference and singing. These Doves wanted materialistic possessions, fulfilled desires, and, most importantly, their own home: not to be some Nomadic Church surviving symbiotically from some other Coterie. Without anger or resentment, The White Hand sadly allowed these True radicals to leave and find their place in The Dream.

It is unknown how long the Doves wandered, but it wasn't a short time. Trudging without protection in the worst scraps and stinking debris of the Dream left the Doves dirtied and Corrupted, their past lives washed away and replaced only with the need to strive for fulfillment and personal happiness on their own merits. They were now Pigeons.

And so did the Pigeons eventually, after so long wandering and meandering, discover Human Dreams of Cities. Like huge, broken photographs looming out of the misty dream, the images of civilization peered down on the Pigeons like colossal Monoliths. Slowly, they gathered these civilized memories, scorned by the other Coteries around them into their own City. The Other Coteries scorned The Pigeons, calling them foul and barbaric, swimming in The Dirt for scraps and attention. And thus they took their name.

As the other Coteries lost their glamour and proud history, The Dirt flourished, growing stronger with every human dream of Civilization or Technology. Soon, other winged joined with them, many enamoured by the Pigeon Dream of Progress and Achievement, defecting from their Coteries also, becoming part of the city and one day earning full citizenship as a Pigeon. From the Human Subconscious, the Gargoyles lumbered into The Dream, aiding the Pigeons with building and ideas. Left as trade tokens by the Xenos, The Pigeons liberated the Canaries from those that would simply employ them as slave labour. Finally, Mockingbirds sauntered into the Dirt, providing wealth and organization.

As the rest of the Dream fights to keep it's Heritage, the Dirt continuously grows stronger, feeding on the Human concept of Technology and turning it into resources for their Progress. The White Hand are proud of their filthy cousins, wallowing in humnan Dreams, and many Dove Coterie Houses keep close to Dirt Cities.

Dirt Eyries resemble Huge Bustling Cities. Some appear as human cities, others as collections of photographs blurring into one another and defying strange angles. Others are huge, wheeled things, traveling and roaming unhindered throughout the Dream, racing their spires against the RiverStates CityRafts.

Dirt Eyries run on Constructs - ideas and concepts brought into reality through hard work and toil. Canaries mine ideas, which are expanded into fleshed out Concepts by the Gargoyles. The Pigeons work on these being produced after the Mockingbirds find the backing. Constructs range from fancy pistols to fully moving cities, transforming buildings, automatic defenses and Abyss-Knows what else.

5 Principles of The Dirt
  • Science 
  • Progress 
  • Purpose 
  • Ideas 
  • Acceptance 
OC, The Dirt are inspired by Victorians, The Mafia, 80's Mine Protesters, Steampunk, 1920's Communists
Dirt Birdsong, in my head, is a mix of Les Mis, 1940's Raucous Pub Song, Protest Song, Business-deal recital, Morrissey-esque bitter witticism and street poetry.

- -

Pigeons (Working Class)

Working Class Pigeons make the bulk of the Cities. Honest, hard working types who long for something more. Working Class Pigeons love getting their hands dirty, fixing a Dream Construct or getting a few hits in on an oppressor. They love it.
Working Class Pigeons especially love protesting at the enemies of the City, laying dow their weapons and trade in order to just sing and shout about their freedom. It's far more effective than most give them credit for. Many protest against the Ornithocracy of the Parliament, but also attend so they can say their view. Despite their serious causes, Pigeons know how to have fun, and can be often found drinking in large groups, laughing and joking amidst melancholy moments of planning.
Most Pigeons sound Cockney. They dress in scruffy, serious clothes - shirts, waist coats, jackets, flat caps, suspenders, simple cotton dress and bonnet. Some Pigeons carry pistols.

Type: Pawn
Plumage: Grey or Brown
FacePaint: Green / Purple on Forehead
Beak: Small yellow
Emotion: Desire
Oppurtunities: Maid, Repairman, Ice cream seller, Chimney Sweep, Protester, Bar-Owner, Dad's Army, Ho
Qualities: Toolman, Hardy, Technologist 

- -

Pigeons (Middle Class)

Middle Class Pigeons are in a difficult position. More privileged than the Working Class but less respected than the Upper Class, Middle Class Pigeons often side with their less-well-off brethren, aiding them in the learned disciplines the simpler citizens can't understand: Medicine, Advanced Construction, Architectural Design, that sort of thing.
Middle Class Pigeons often wear dignified suits or dresses, not too shabby, not too flash.

Some serve in the Air Corps or Militia, acting as Soldiers and Bodyguards for the Dirt. In this role, they combine Architecture or Engineering with field duty, resulting in a tough leather-clad militia armed with serious looking wrenches - usable for repairs, setting up an artillery post, or bashing an enemy over the head with
Many carry pistols.

Type: Bishop/Knight
Plumage: Grey or Brown
FacePaint: White / Grey on Forehead
Beak: Small yellow
Emotion: Desire
Oppurtunities: Pilot, Surgeon, Architect, Engineer, High-Class Ho, Weapons Designer

Middle-Class Qualities: Barbrisier, Chirugeonier
Militant Qualities:, Armoured, Stalwart, Pistolsman, Toolsman, Technologist

- -

Pigeons (Upper Class)

Upper Class Pigeons are commonly regarded as eccentrics with more money than sense. There is little argument as to why they still hold such a high position within the ranks of The Cities, as they are under-achieving addicts with more interest in oppression, silly adventures and fornication than achieving anything worthwhile. However, two things have stopped these accusations going any further: large amounts of Stuff frequently donated to the Lower Classes, and a hole in the head of whoever makes these ridiculous claims.
Upper Class Pigeons dress richly: tophats and tails, long flowing dresses, often covered with symbols of the dirt - cogs and goggles and things. An Upper Class pigeon has little else to fill it's time, and will often be a fantastic shot with one of it's many, powerful pistols.

Type: King
Plumage: Grey or Brown
FacePaint: Purple on Forehead
Beak: Small yellow

Emotion: Desire
Oppurtunities: Elitist Snob, Adventurer, Investor, Marksman, Courtesan to the Rich and Famous
Qualities: Fancy, Pistolsman, Merchantillier

- -

Pigeons (White)

"She was an odd investment, the White Pigeon, but ze had never once regretted backing her cause. And she was a Pigeon - an oddity, born with plumage white as a Dove, with pale grey fingers. That had raised no few eyebrows, but she had taken it as a sign, a reminder of the heritage of the Pigeons who had once, in the mists of time, been Doves of the White Hand. A divine message that the future of peace and unity, of the Chorus itself, lay in progress, in innovation - in the Dirt.

She had declared herself a prophetess - no, more, a manifestation of the Chorus itself. She abandoned her name, in a move which rather endeared her to the Mockingbird who, like many others of hir kind, had done the same, and went only by the epithet of White Pigeon. And when she spoke, you could truly believe that in science and progress lay the way to eternal peace. There is always a buyer for peace, and so Mr Sparks took her under hir wing, ensured she had every resource she needed, and watched with fascination as the Dreamer she selected as her personal project began to change the world. A fine investment indeed."

White Pigeons are a link between the religious purity of the White Hand, and the scientific endeavors of the Dirt. They are Prophets & Utopians. They often base their names on variations of the word White, or it's Synonyms. They feel a deep connection to Dreamer Scientists, and the many attempts to end war... even if an ultimate weapon needs to be built to do that.

Type: Bishop
Plumage: White
FacePaint: Grey on Some Extremeties (Choices of Forehead, feet, fingertips, etc)
Beak: Small White

Emotion: Love
Qualities: Emotionalist, Loving 

- -


Gulls are sailors, travelers and explorers. Birds of adventure who live for The Now and never feel satisfied with their lot. Gulls often covet someone else's "Booty" with envious eyes, and will often push themselves forward to strive towards something bigger, better, shinier. All Gulls live for the day they'll own their own ship, no longer needing to simply crew, cook and guard someone else's. A Gull will fast make friends with anyone contemplating an adventure out of the ordinary, and will regale them with stories of their own extraordinary exploits. The mundane, they can do without. Landlubbers, all of them.

Gulls never back down from a fight, unless it looks boring. They are often as selfless as they are selfish - one minute defending a lone victim from daunting odds, another leaving their allies behind so they can leg-it with the treasure.

Many Gulls leave the Wavefarers in favour of The Dirt's aspirations. They find themselves as traders, scavengers, cooks, enforcers and even couriers.

Gulls often wear sailors' regalia: shift shorts and sandals, often with a cloth cap. Some wear navy uniform. Gulls carry simple weapons - daggers, clubs, some even own pistols.

Gulls have foul, foul mouths, and are notorious for swearing almost constantly in sentences. Even Swans and Owls have to give them the benefit of the doubt in formal occasions - it seems simply impossible for a Gull to stop narting swearing. Gull swear words include Nart, Fetch, Drum, Miss, and the extraordinarily offensive Munge.

Type: Pawn.
Plumage: White / Grey
FacePaint: Yellow / Red Triangle on face
Beak: Gull
Emotion: AdventureInspirations: Jack Sparrow (POTC), Tom (Treasure Island), Captain Blood, Almost Every Pirate Ever
Oppurtunities: Sailor, Pirate, Cook, Braggart, Used-Lantern Salesman, Adventurer
Qualities: Swordsman, Hardy, Quick 

- -


Many other birds, after viewing the beautiful, simple bleakness of the Dirt's sprawl go Urban, adopting the Pigeons' dream of freedom and Voice as well as their dress sense. Many disregard their entire previous lives, but still use the practices they learnt before to help them attain their needs.
Urban birds are often seen as Fences and go-to Winged, as their past-connections to other Coteries may be useful.

The Phys-repping for Urban is based on the kind of Urban bird you are, and which Coterie you fled from. Please ask and think sensibly about which kind of Urban Winged you can play.

Type: Pawn
Plumage: See Above
FacePaint: See Above
Beak: See Above
Emotion: Desire
Oppurtunities: Spiv, Fence, Go-To, Refugee, Gypsy, Militia, Runaway, Thief
Qualities: Hardy (+1 Hit), Quick (+1 Dodge), One More Based On Prievious Breed Of Winged

- -


Woodpigeons symbolise the growing connection between the swelling changing Green and the rebellious side of the Dirt. Somewhere between the hard working and desireful Pigeons, and the mischievous and playful Rabble, Woodpigeons are determined grifters and tricksters, at home in both Cities & Forests. Both ambitious and passionate, many employ their skills with pistols and knives as ambitious highwaymen or go-betweens.

Type: Pawn
Plumage: Brown
FacePaint: Green Speckles
Beak: Small Yellow
Emotion: Desire
Qualities: Knifesman, Pistolsman, Quick  

- -


Turkeys claim that once they fought as part of The White Hand, alongside the Doves, Partridges, Robins and others, acting as foot-soldiers against the enemies of peace, but a disagreement led to the Turkeys becoming abandoned in the mists of Dream. Rescued by actions between the Green & Dirt, the Turkeys now serve both, looking only for purpose as the Soldiers they are, able to channel both their need for acceptance and their battle fury. Turkeys are exemplary fighters, armored in both leathers and regalia, trained in both Swordplay and especially Rifle marksmanship. Many cover their face to hide their individuality.

Type: Knight
Plumage: Brown
FacePaint: Red Stripes down cheeks
Beak: Red Small
Emotion: Bliss
Qualities: Swordsman, Armoured, Fancy, Riflesman, Eraseer

- -


Canaries came with the Xenos a long time ago. But, for some reason, they stayed. The Dirt don't mind, employing the honest, hard-working Canaries as their industrial might. Mostly thought-miners, dream-forge-workers and heavy maintenance experts, Canaries provide the others with the resources they need to become rich.
Many Canaries speak with Northern or Welsh accents, however some still have a strange, foreign Xenos air to their speech. Most wear dungarees, aprons, dirty shirts and helmets, although some still wear traditional, colourful tribal clothing underneath. Many dont carry weapons per se, but are instead fully capable with their picks, shovels, hammers, mattocks and rolling pins.

Type: Knight
Plumage: Bright Yellow or Green
FacePaint: Black tribal Markings
Beak: Yellow Small
Emotion: Desire
Inspirations: John Henry, Eugen Sandow
Oppurtunities: Miners, Navees, Rail-Workers, Heavies, Enforcers, Urban Shaman, Buttonmen
Qualities: Hardy, Hardier, Hardiest, Toolsman, Unionised 

- -

Barn Owls

Barn Owls are the Dirt's resident geniuses. Detectives, Journalists, Philosophers, Social Commentators, Civil Alchemists, Scientists and Astronomers. Like their Raptor Cousins (with whom they share a bitter, strained academic rivalry), Barn Owls serve as advisors and confidants for power bases, although they also answer the need for hunting with a precise attention to detail and mysteries, hunting out the truth. They have a taste for the supernatural, debunking the most mythic of Dream beliefs with Reasoning and Dreamer Science.

Barn Owls wear eccentric clothing: long dresses and hats & bonnets, trench coats, long scarfs and deer-stalkers. They often have annoying, creepy hobbies that "heklp them think", like playing violin badly or clicking their knuckles.
Barn Owls have lasted a long time, never Raptors. They have only recently joined The Dirt, and their previous alliances are unknown...

Type: Bishop
Plumage: Brown or White
FacePaint: Brown or White around eyes
Beak: Yellow Small
Emotion: Nightmare
Inspirations: Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty, Poirot, Ms. Marple, Father Brown
Oppurtunities: Detectives, Consultants, Resident Genius
Qualities: Fancy, Stalwart

- -


Mockingbirds know all about investment. Mockingbirds are good, almost supernaturally good at sitting on resources and making sure it goes to all the right people. Considered greedy, selfish and callous by most Pigeons, they are tolerated because of their willingness to be the figureheads for The Dirt, and their amazingly good skills at beauracracy. Mockingbirds provide habitation and buildings (from their almost endless resources) for the Pigeons. Mockingbirds are not celebrated fighters, but can certainly impress many with their pistol-skills.
Mockingbirds dress splendidly; suit, waistcoat, cummerbund, neckerchief, pocket watch, fancy dresses and jewelry. Some carry pistols, and some are able to acquire the fanciest projectile weaponry only Gargoyle speculation can offer. Who knows where from though.
To Mockingbirds, Business comes first, everything else is second. To this end, many Mockingbirds have discarded such simple facts of life like Gender and Family to the wind - as far as they are concerned, a Mockingbird is a being who wakes, conducts business (inbetween moments of sustenance) then sleeps. There is no time for anything else.

Type: King
Plumage: Browns
FacePaint: Light Brown bellow eyes with speckles
Beak: Yellow SmallEmotion: Desire
Inspirations: IK Brunell, Most Older Men and Women in Austen and Bronte Novels, The Godfather
Oppurtunities: Banker, Industrialist, Godfather, Inventor
Qualities: Merchantillier, Orator, Fancy 

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