Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cotery: White Hand

The Cloistered Church Of The Singularity Of The Endless White Hand want only one thing: an end to violence.
There is too much violence in the World Below, too much Blood in the Dirt, and Far too much Blood in The Skies. The Church stands for united peace, and offers it's Endless Hand out to help, promoting healing, tranquility and support. However, many Coteries see the White Hand as meddlers, idiots and archaic traditionalists unwilling to accept that Winged Survival and progression has been built on conflict. Still, The Cloistered Church keep going with their messages of unity, an end to destruction and a new age of perfection, and grow stronger every day.

The Choral Bird Song of The White Hand is especially revered above all other Coteries - as the Cloistered Church's sole weapon against those that would "Walk The Path , Bird Song is cultivated and perfected amongst the Doves to such a level that entire Chorusses sing as one perfect, beautiful many mouthed being.

The White Hand come in two distinct flavours: Traditionalist Churches and Radical Families.
Traditionalist Doves believe that those that should be united together are "Us All" - all the Winged. To this end, Traditionalists eschew much else other than names and roles, letting their actions to save, heal, sing and stop other Winged define them rather than belongings or History.

Doves have only cropped up in the last Century, and are almost entirely Pigeons (The Doves' closest siblings and allies) who have kept their materialistic, progressive ways, but have accepted the words of The White Hand and become reborn as true Doves as any other. Radicals believe that "Us All" refers to the White Hand - thus Radical sects resemble incredibly close-knit, insular families willing to defend each other and live out their existence in peace. They will happily help others they accept into their fold, but will reject aid to any others.

Dove Eyries resemble huge, ornate but simple white marble temples, sometimes enshrouded in ivy or flowers, sometimes marked with esoteric symbols. More Radical Eyries resemble rescued-but-unkempt churches, reappropiated bunkers and colourful gardens.

Five Principles of The Hand:
  1. Faith
  2. Perserverance
  3. Patience
  4. Passion
  5. Purity
Inspirations: Monks of All Kinds, Sufi Dervishes, Hindu Aghora, Dune Navigators, Buddhism, Hippies, Cults
Dove Bird-Song is, in my head, a mix of choral singing, hymns, throat singing, and call and response.


Dove Chorus

Dove Accepted (Traditionalist)

Dove Blessed (Radical)

Doves are the sole representatives of the White Hand. Ascetic, tranquil, hopeful and forgiving, dressed in simple robes, beads and sashes, Doves simply want the Coteries to agree - one step at a time. Dove Birdsong is beautiful, and a full Chorus of hand-linked Doves casting their Birdsong can be utterly enchanting. Doves believe in the Chorus - the voice of The Many which outweighs the few. Rumours of Doves being able to empower another with the full power of The Chorus have been noted, though many simply believe this is the effect of mystifying Dove Birdsong.
Visually indistinct except for their mannerisms and perhaps (in the Case of self-identifying Radicals) in their dress sense, Doves of specific roles are difficult to spot. The Accepted are the Deacons and Defenders, those that tend and care for their Brothers and sisters less fortunate to prove themselves. The Blessed are the Psychopomps and Rabble Rousers, Leaders whose calming or firey words can motivate entire Dove Coteries to accept or deny aid to allies as quickly as the will of The Chorus changes.

Traditionalist Doves wear simple robes in a uniform colour, with simple jewelry as focus items and gifts from Brothers to Sisters. Accepted and Blessed are distinguished perhaps by different jewelry or more silks.
Radicals wear whatever clothes they have access to - tie-dyes, rags, furs, dresses made from curtains, etc, usually in bright mixed colours. Some Radical Cults appear as mixed as Rabble, some as uniformally well-dressed as upper-class pigeons.

Type: Pawn / Bishop / King
Plumage: White
FacePaint: White Brows. Uniform Religous Symbol on forehead - Same on all Doves in same Coterie House.
Beak: White Small.
Emotion: Bliss
Oppurtunities: Religous Fanatic, Wandering Healer, Choir Singer, Good Samaritan, Hippy Activist, Cultist, Flagellant

Pawn Qualities: Quick (+1 Dodge), Quicker (+1 Dodge), Barbrisier (Can regularly Heal other Winged's Lost Hits)
Bishop Qualities: Orator (Can call for SILENCE! regularly), Emotionalist (Starts each Parliament with extra Emotion)
King Qualities: Orator
(Can call for SILENCE! regularly), Fancy (Starts with Fancy Armour (+2 Dodges)), Quick (+1 Dodge)

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