Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Xenos: Cassowaries

CASSOWARY - What needs to be said. Cassowaries are perfect guards. Debatably, even more so than Geese. Strong, Fearless, Armoured, Resilient, Fast, Proficient with Spears & Swords, Terrorfying. And sometimes able to breathe golden flames. Cassowaries are, simply put, Tough.

But why? Why are Cassowaries like this? Why are they so cruel and heartless compared to their close relatives, the Historian Emus & Ostriches? What do they guard in the Cage? What keeps them so preoccupied? Why are they so strong? What are they prepared for? And on those few occasions, why do they leave? Are they on some mission for the Xenos Patrons? Are they on practicaL leave, fulfilling their hobbies of violence? Do they yearn for more? Does the darkness of the cage trap their feelings too? How do they feel to being separated from the rest of their people? Do they even know? Why do they wear the colour Gold? Why would they rather die than fail? Why do they explode in glory? There are simply too many questions...
Like Emus, gender seems unimportant to the Cassowaries: it is someone's moral achievements, their innocence or guilt, their determination that defines them.

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