Monday, April 29, 2013

Overture Repercussions

Major Event 1, December 2011

- With no meeting since the early 1880's, the Parliament re-opens it's doors in 1914. It is originally hosted by two Dodos, temporarily conducted by the Dodo Zenobia. After overtures, Father of the White Hand is voted Conductor.

- Dreamer guests include a suffragette and her "straw man" aggressor, a man building an intercontinental railroad, and a scared little girl.

- Other Guests include a strange heavily armed "Butcher" who reaps a dying soldier's soul, two "Brothers Piscus" of the fish, and a rogue Mockingbird.

- Bonnie & Clyde, a pair of Chickens demanding citizenship, are snatched up by the Riverstates swiftly.

- A Rook of unknown Veil house approaches Dawn of the Bounty and feeds her Despair. It is unclear what happens next, but Dawn is witnessed dying, then her body her bursting and fading away. The Rook is heavily questionned and searched, but no Soul or proof can be found...

- The Green of Forest Kachiri appease their Patron and unleash a burst of negative emotion, causing rage and brashness. Midst the Chaos, both the Rook and Kachiri are murdered. It is decided by Conductor & committee to deny the Green their weapons from then on.

- In closure, the Dodos sing a song to summon another Lost Winged. Many join in and donate emotion. The result is Haastia, an Ancient Eagle, who demands worship and respect - the House of Raptor immediately embrace her.

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