Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cotery: Rogue

Rogue or "Houseless" Winged are those without any alliance to a Cotery or House, no family or friends. They have turned their backs on their allies, betrayed their closest friends, or simply struck out on their own.

As a Rogue Winged, you:
  • Belong to no House or Cotery
  • Have No Patrons, as you have no House
  • Cannot stand for Conductor
  • Cannot Vote
  • Cannot perform an Overture. If demanded to, you must state you are Rogue, and step away.
  • Will often be looked down upon by other, Cotery-allied Winged
Any Winged can be Rogue:
  • New Winged choosing to play Rogue will not be able to choose a History.
  • Existing Winged willing to leave their House or Cotery may name themselves Rogue at any time. It is  a great taboo to declare yourself Rogue in front of your family, House & Cotery, and will often incite desperate pleas to reconsider.
  • A Rogue may join / rejoin a House by swearing allegiance to that House, and being accepted by that House's members, and especially Kings. Seeking audience with that House's Patron for recognition is often the final step to rehabilitation.

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