Monday, April 29, 2013

Scene I Repercussions

Minor Event 1, August 2012

- A Social Gathering, held by House Aquilla of the Raptors, hosted by Primus Aquillus. It is held in honour of his close ally, The Grand Duchess of Bubos, Perdita D'Bubos. The Grand Duchess, scared that being so close to death she will leave no heirs, is searching for a new Duke or Duchess to take her place, as keeper of the Tower D'Bubos and the greatest Raptor library. Many are tested by the Duchess...

- House Gustav are notified by House Aquilla's Secretaries that something is very wrong with their standard - they are shown an ancient catacomb chamber containing standards for every Raptor House still standing "in honour & blood". All dead houses havea  broken standrad... as does House Gustav. After some talking and symbolic crafting, a new standard is crafted, representing the new House, with it's Lost brothers and sisters. An important lesson is discovered about the structure of a House...

- Primus is generally kind and agreeable, although his views on the Lost stand out compared to House Gustav. He also makes strange remarks about "The Great Roman People", his power over a man named "Benito", and preparations for a "second, greater war..."

- Jacko is an exceedingly good gambler. He publicly vows to rescue Dawn from the Veil and return her to life.

- The Grand-Duchess announces her replacement - to everybody's shock, she chooses Titus of Forest Kachiri. Not long after, she performs a haunting song and collapses, dying on her feet. Everybody present swears to have seen a strange, ghostly figure for only a second, wings spread like an angel, details made of stars...

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