Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Xenos: Harpies

HARPIES - Raptors refuse to accept the truth: Harpies are Eagles, big, proud, ruthless, just, overseeing Eagles. But they are Xenos: Bright, Monochromatic, strange, alien Xenos. So there are far too many questions to be asked, far more questions than simply snubbing them.

Simply put, Harpies are Amazons, big proud unstoppable female warriors and heroic adventurers skilled in axe & bow. Descending from heights, screaming their terrifying warcries and divebombing their prey amid a shower of arrows. To see them in action, you would be forgiven for thinking that they are matriarchal like Moorhens, but it's simply true that their culture is different to ours. Woman are warriors, while men raise the young, teach, record history and cook. Harpies take their gender balance very seriously, with monogamous relationships paired as early as possible: when they reach age, Men must woo their bride with sensitivity and intelligence, while women prove their dexterity strength, stamina & wisdom, usually felling some hideous beast.
Yet still, they are definetly Raptors, Eagles even: they are very fair, charismatic, caring, prone to defending their family & culture with their lives. Whatever links this means, if any, between the Raptors & Xenos can only be speculated...

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