Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Xenos: Peacock

PEACOCKS - Who would dispute the rightful thrones of the Magnificent Peacocks? Dressed in gleaming blues & greens of only the most expensive threads, these masters of sword & bow, these righteous Princes are adored as bon-vivants and happy rulers of the beautiful Dawn Lakes of the Xenos. Their plumage always on show,a celebration of their birthright. Just and beloved Princes, although lofty in their position, the Peacocks adore parties and celebrations, a chance to mingle and show-off. Cocks surround themselves with harems of Peawives, and the finest Flamingo fashionistas, only the best for these glorious Maharaja (or even Maharanee). They are fascinated by the Winged of the Dream, and if not eager to directly ally, are at least eager to entertain and learn from them, experimenting in wearing Winged Fashion and experimenting with Winged ways & sports & games (to the ire of their Flamingos).
"Cock" and "Wife" do not directly relate to gender - a Cock is merely the entitled ruler (a holdover from the days before Princess could prove to their Brothers & Fathers that they were Equally Magnificent), and a Wife a beloved member of his circle, a far distant enough relation that it is no longer icky.
Peacocks love jokes. A common prank is to, once every new Wife, sweep up a common member of the Xenos (or now, Winged), and elevate them to Prince for "a day" (With full surprising access to treasure, estate & Wives).

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