Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Possible Veil: Treepies

TREEPIES - A Magpie whose thesis on Applied Despair & Emotional Investment is sometimes elevated to the position of Treepie in order to carry out their research first hand. Often Anthropologists, Archaeologists, Zooologists (Regular & Crypto) or Applied Statisticians. In short, Treepies are Post-Grads, delving into the secrets, peoples, geography & history of the Dream on a shoestring budget of Emotion.
Treepies are very much still Magpies, prefering to perform a mix of hanging with their undergrad buddies and talking with / visiting / studying with allied houses as research ("Day 37, and, strangely, the owls *still* havn't eaten me"). With their great mix of subjects and specialities, Treepies are great at obtaining Emotion that ISN'T Despair.
Treepies are often huge fans of Raven fashion, and so their relationship is strained - Ravens don't feel very artsy when a smelly student is all excited up in your grill.
Treepies are also *not* big fans of MiniTru, strongly opposing the censorship of Academia and the fascist policing not seen in other Coteries - Treepies often run secret amnesties to help underdogs or the needy, claiming that the needy were "keeping all the despair for themselves", but in reality teaching them to fight the oppression.
While mouthy Treepies disappearing in the night is common, so is huge Student pickets, or even worse, colossal mobs of Magpies led by Treepie rousers easily squashing any Jackdaw kettling through sheer numbers. When research is a key to the Veil's despair, an angry Academia can be a highly effective beacon for revolt.

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