Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Xenos: Hoatzin

HOATZIN - Alchemists and Scientists of the Xenos, Hoatzin hold a unique mix of position and mentality. Believing that knowledge of an outcome firsthand is worth far more than mere notes or observation, Hoatzin experiment their new poisons, venoms, drugs and visions on themselves. This results in a Hoatzin acting as host to a number ailments, resulting in the popular view of them as, well, 'pungent'.
Many Hoatzin take the position of beggars and paupers, noting the social reactions to their experiments. This, combined with physical ailments, is the reason for the Hoatzin's common dress of bandages.
Most Hoatzin are content to be practical observers as Scientists, while a few are more willing to take their experiments, especially Venoms, to a wider audience. Talons and Bows are the delivery mechanisms of choice.

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