Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Xenos: Macaws

MACAWS - Top of the Parrot Intelligocracy of the Golden Libraries in the Vermillion Mesa, Macaws are fonts of both Wisdom & Intelligence, geniuses and wisemen. True Sages, Macaws make the most educated and researched decisions they can, often discussing their thinking process out loud. Macaws are not flawless - although in Parrot society it is rude to show-up a Macaw's shortcomings outside of formal procedures (see below) - they will concede being wrong, but in the most fair and erudite way possible.
Ascending The Library is a big deal in Parrot society, and constitutes a great formal occasion. The current Macaw will gladly step down from their position to any contender (no non-Parrot has ever succeeded), if they can prove the newcomer is smarter than the Macaw. This can take any form, from quizzes, to battles of wits, to puzzles. The final decision is always in the hands of the current Macaw.
Macaws don't need weapons. If the Library-Throne-Room of master-swordsman Parrots & Cockateels, and the occasional spear-wielding Cassowary don't stop you, the Macaw, simply willing you on fire, will.

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