Sunday, January 6, 2013

Possible Raptor: Eagle Owl

EAGLE OWL - Commonly either the offspring of an Eagle & Owl, or an Owl that has elevated their standing to Full Domination, Eagle Owls are much like the other Kings of the Raptors. Level-headed, armoured swordsmen, with a commanding presence. Unlike Eagles however, these Kings still have their kins' keen eye for mysticism. Omens, portents and auras are likely to change an Eagle Owl's mind on subjects of politics, war, or even fashion & romance. Superstitious is an understatement - to Eagle Owls, the melding of benevolence and mysticism results in a comprehensive care for any supernatural sign, and the luck, good or bad, it will bring to them or their people.
Elevated Owls are more likely to be, well, like Owls: shrewd, manipulative, yet competent and dangerous. The children of these strange pairings are more likely to take after the Eagle: strong, noble, fearless.

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