Sunday, January 6, 2013

Possible Raptor: Merlin

MERLINS - When the <REDACTED> heed the call to come to the House Of Raptor, so will also come The Merlins. Friendly & Earthy (while still knowing their place at the top of the Food Chain), if Owls are looking up at the Stars, Merlins are looking down at The Roots: Hedge Wizards to Owls' Arcanists. Owls practice Alchemy, Merlins Herbalism; Owls Astrology, Merlins Palm Reading; Owls in Curses, Merlins in Remedies. Superstitious like their lofty aquintances, Merlins are far more likely to sprinkle a circle of protection than invoke the power of a dark god.
Never quite as respected as the Owl Scholars, Merlins are more likely to be Nurses, Nannies, Ladies-In-Waiting, Tutors or, in some cases, specifically Seers to counterpoint, or second, the Owls' view.
Benevolent and learned, while still potentially cruel and self-righteous, Merlins are often companions to the "less horrid" side of the Raptor family, along with Ospreys, <REDACTED>, (Some) Secretaries and (Some) Eagles.
Merlins are often placed in charge of less-Regal Raptor ceremonies - Namings, Marriages, etc. They delight in match-making and courtship, enjoying the fluctuations and heart aches almost as much as the young Raptors involved.A

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