Friday, January 11, 2013

Update: January 2013

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all a great 1926!
  • New Posts: Lots of possible Xenos & Winged! Browse through our previous entries!
  • Coteries Updated: Wavefarers, Raptors, Green, River, Xenos
  • New Pages: Birdsong, Eyrie War.
  • Qualities Updated
  • More to come!

Events this year:
  • March 9th: David & Ornithocrats will have a stall at the Great Larp Kit Fair, Leicestershire!
    Will update with more information when known!
  • March 16th: Ornithocracy Act III, Full Event, at East Oxford Community Centre.
    Facebook Event.
    LARP Events page.

    Page coming soon!
  • March 29th: David & Ornithocrats are Guests at Conpulsion 2013 in Edinburgh!
    A "Pick-Up & Play" Mini-Event, Ornithocracy Scene III, will be held!
    Page coming soon!
  • Summer: Ornithocracy Scene IV, Mini Event, TBC
  • Autumn: Ornithocracy: The Intermission, Full Event, TBC
  • Winter: Ornithocracy Scene V, Mini Event, TBC
For more information, contact David!

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