Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winged: Cuckoos


Mothers wrap up their chicks at night, warning them that if they don't sleep, a Cuckoo will swallow them whole and wear their skin. Yet in the morning, the mother wont notice the child's voracious hunger or slack eyes...
The Cuckoo are mostly unknown, but utterly feared by the other Coteries. Able to appear as any other bird, a Cuckoo can slip within a coterie utterly unnoticed. Anyone could be a cuckoo, there are no ways to know until they are dead, mouths torn wide, eyes huge and watery, only able to chant "Cuckoo! Cuckoo!". Thought to be only a fairy-tale until recent years, it is believed that Cuckoos are either sleeper agents or demonic assassins slipped within a Coterie by wearing the secretly deceased's slack skin, waiting for the righ opportunities to destroy the family from within. Of course, the fall of a Coterie House from within is often only bad news to the effected Coterie House, and many welcome the presence of Cuckoos into their rivals' homes, but never their own.
Cuckoos are strange outsiders who must serve some strange, unholy purpose. No-one has ever made contact with a Cuckoo before their death while knowing they were a Cuckoo, thus no distance has been made attempting to understand these freakish assassins.

Inspirations: Cylons (BSG), Changelings, Hashashin

Oppurtunities: Assassin, Spy, Antagonist, Divine Agent, Confidant
Cuckoo Birdsong, of course, sounds almost like whatever they are pretending to be. Almost.

Qualities: Secret!

This picture, of course, does not represent costume for Cuckoos, it is simply a stylized interpretation. For costume / phys-reps, look at every other Winged illustration.

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