Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Xenos: Kookaburras

KOOKABURRA - If Toucans are the traders and engineers, Kookaburras are the suppliers. Somehow distantly related to the River's reliable Kingfishers, Kookaburras are brilliant emotionallists and collectors of every emotion, common or foreign, and even stuff. Only, they have a personality quirk... being exposed to such large amounts of emotion constantly have left them... odd. Whether it's megalomania, rage-driven psychosis, obsessive-compulsion, or all of the above, or a number of other strange quirks, Kookaburras are never entirely all there. This never makes them idiots however, far from it.
Many Kookaburras believe in a view absurdism - treating the world as a joke and laughing at whatever problems come their way.
Regardless of their sanity, Kookaburras often engage in same sex relationships. It's just how they roll.

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