Friday, January 11, 2013

Possible Eye: Hoopoes

HOOPOE - A Hoopoe speaks only when spoken to: Silence is a virtue that enables those blinded by commotion to see true.
A Hoopoe never, ever stops: a spinning blade does not need to falter, simply change it's trajectory.
A Hoopoe is not to be touched: purity comes without stains of lust or violence, the White Hand are right on this matter.
A Hoopoe is to be enjoyed: the dance never ceases, simply changes it's pace, from the blade's sweeping curve to the jewelled, bell'd hips and stoumach.
A Hoopoe's history is not to be discussed: Colour does not always mean a Spirit who tore at us, choked us & blinded us in the Abyss.
A Hoopoe is to be aided: even two skilled blades need a shield to protect them.
A Hoopoe is to be respected: they have given their all for the Eye.
A Hoopoe is to be trusted: a holy warrior to serve the Condors, Eagles & Falcons.
A Hoopoe is to be denied: they should not want, never want. Their life is to serve as blade & jewel, not take.
A Hoopoe is to be observed from a distance: in fervor, those blades bite whoever is in their way.

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