Friday, January 11, 2013

Possible Eye: Blue-Foots

BLUE-FOOTS - Blue-Foots always want more: a bigger boat, a sharper sword, a hunkier mate, fuller pockets, and a better world for the Eye to thrive. Sailors, traders, pirates, thieves, rogues, scouts, salvagers, explorers and smugglers, gregarious and open, you might be forgiven for thinking that Blue-Foots are Wavefarers, but their allegiance is solely to the Fading Eye. Blue-Foots make excellent front men & ambassadors for the Eye, enjoying a good chat, a drink, and a fight a lot more than the regimented Vultures, serious Ibises or aloof Eagles. They make good friends with the other non-Vulture non-Raptor Eye, especially Ducks, who they share a yearning of Desire with. Blue-Foots tolerate most other winged, although Wavefarer and Riverstates bragging riles them. They have a strained oceanic friendship with the lawful Cormorants, and a grudging, arm-wrestling respect for the angry Shags.
Blue-Foots served in the Eye in the old times, but fled to the Tumult under the Gods' commands when The Stars Went Out. They are returning, slowly.
Although not overtly religious like the Ibis', Blue-Foots are staunch supporters of the Eye, and believe there is a perfect place for them in the Eye's new order. They are very superstitious, especially when it comes to crossing / traversing / diving the River and Tumult. It is said they once had a Personal Patron, like all Castes in the Eye, but the name is lost to outsiders - regardless, Blue-Foots still hold jewellery and whisper to unknown ears, turning counterclockwise or offering flowers to the water when crossing those territories...
Blue-Foots have another, sillier name for their Winged caste, which they either find incredibly derogatory or ridiculously funny. Heh. Boobies.

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