Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Possible Veil: Nutcrackers

NUTCRACKER - Named after "cracking" the "nut" of knowledge, Nutcrackers are those Magpies & Treepies whose pursuit of knowledge has gone full circle, enabling them a seat in education. Headmasters & Mistresses, Deans, Professors, and Chancellors, Nutcrackers represent Despair in it's form of overcoming adversity, specifically in the form of the insurmountable odds of the unknown. They lead themselves and their students against that which is not understood, so that they might tame it, and that others may one day treat it as common knowledge to be accepted or snubbed.
Houses formed around Nutcrackers are often Colleges, whose presence in the Parliament is based on investigation, education, and revelation.
Although not always as vocal as Treepies, Nutcrackers' association with MINITru is fraught. Without MINITru, the Nutcrackers would have no position to teach, and the Magpies would be without education in any form. Thus it is that Nutcrackers owe MINITru much... yet still, Treepies & Magpies are able to arrange pickets & protests with startling insight and accuracy, almost as if higher-ups were aiding them. Or the cases where MINITru demands a troublesome Student be Terminated, only to find out that the relevant college has lost the memorandum due to some "whoopsie" and allowed the student to graduate...
Nutcrackers are good with Tools. When knowledge can't simply be cracked by analysing, sometimes a twist or adjustment is needed... that or twatting it with a cane or ruler...

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