Friday, January 11, 2013

Possible Raptor: Sparrowhawk

SPARROWHAWK - Red fights Green. Wrath fights Wrath. Predators feed on both.
Their exact relations to the Raptors, Green & Red extremely shady, the Sparrowhawks are big game hunters and opportunistic killers - Hawks, Kites & Kestrels who have been amongst the enemy, living as them, killing as them. Hearts of darkness, bullets of cold indifference, these predators kill for little more than the thrill of death and personal score. Sparrowhawks treat hunting as a game, awarding a single point for a Rabble, an extra ten for an entire gang.
Among the Red, they hunt Green; Among the Green, they hunt Red.
They're not stupid, so hunting their allies within their own territory is always highly unlikely and morally stupid - although an aristocrat's patience with barbarian peasants can only be strained *so* far...
Robins and other Feral look at them with a terrified respect; studied murderers, who could easily turn their indifferent claws on you given half a reason.Their relationship with the Raptors is equally strained; they may be traitors, but at least their guns aren't aimed at *us*. They often serve as ambassadors between both, and promote healthy relations between the Noble Houses and the Forests. However, it is impossible to judge, push comes to shove, where their loyalties truly lie: with their blood, or the forest that enabled them to spill it so easily...

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