Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Xenos: Roadrunners

ROADRUNNERS - Watching from the pale edge of the Colour Spiral, Roadrunners are envious of the Dreamscape Winged take for granted. Roadrunners want to run free & fast, without the regulations and responsibilities the culture of the Spiral places on them as escorts, caravans and travelling traders. They want to be able to do whatever they want - run, steal, fight, defend, hunt. Most are willing to take freedom in small bursts when and where they can get it, but some break away entirely, following Pokatua's footsteps and running away into the Dream, especially the Fugue, for a life of unrestrained, wild, unpredictable tomorrows.
Roadrunners are fast. Not only in footspeed, but in metabolism, attention span, wit, dodging, gun-drawing, bow-pulling and every aspect of their life. They are fascinated by Idea Technology, especially in any way it might speed up their life, or make it entertaining. Especially pistols, which make a nice alternative to their traditional bows.
Roadrunners enjoy occupations as rustlers, escorts, shepherds for Dream-flock (everything from Nightmares and Crabs, to Human-faced-Screaming-Llamas), bounty hunters, sheriffs, jailers, mercenaries and hired guns. Anything that'll provide an exciting life. Roadrunners like to tell stories around campfires, mostly about the exciting things they, and their ancestors, got up to. Many of these tales are recorded and guarded by Parrots, who claim they now have exclusive rights to them. Whatever. Don't tell them, but 'Runners tell those tales better anyway...

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