Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Xenos: Paradise

PARADISES - The Patrons walk among us. The Paradise is God in Dream, perfection and beauty in all forms, wisdom and omnipotence. The Paradise must never be questioned  so beautiful & flawless - behind the mask, does the flesh even matter? The face of the God is all that matters. That metal carapace is the visage of an eternal, an immortal being to be worshiped and respected. Whoever was before is gone, and the immortal Paradise remains. Every word is gospel truth, every breath an edict. A life to be protected & devoted to, at all costs. When the flesh breaks, The Paradise must live on. Their face must be worn on new flesh, immortality awakened...

Paradises are treated as living Gods. Everything they say and do is treated as the utmost importance and utterly infallible. Many Xenos treat the mask as the important part, knowing that whoever wields it is God On Dream. Others realise the importance is the image - it's not a tool for a bloodline to keep control, it IS the bloodline. The Paradise has immortality, not because it has a constant stream of bodies to wear it, and act it, but because it's image and presence is burned into the minds of it's people forever.
It can't be long until a Paradise's role is subverted, and a Winged attempts to take their place as a new God, or is worn by the broken & angry to lead revolt. The Xenos are not stupid - they can tell when a metal mask rides a different body or speaks a different tone - but perhaps they are faithful enough to follow wherever that image goes...

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