Sunday, January 6, 2013

Possible Raptor: ?

<REDACTED> - There will come a time when the catacombs of House Raptor will call out to all those of the True, Noble Blood, and even the <REDACTED> of <REDACTED> will heed the call.
Truly Noble, adventurous, heroic, spirits of youth, the here & now, regarded by some to be the True Princes of The House Of Raptor. Creatures of <REDACTED> as opposed to Nightmare, they are more likely to dive straight into turmoil regardless of the violence, simply knowing the sadness and destruction that would be caused by their inaction. More willing to follow an Osprey than hunt with a Hawk, to listen to a Merlin than an Owl, and aid a Secretary than duel a Buzzard. Eagles see them as honourable and determined, ensuring that these Iconoclasts stay around, even if they are popularly seen as "foreign, distant cousins".
<REDACTED> find, like Secretaries, they have some connection to the very foundations of the House of Raptor, compelled to stoop and dive into the catacombs and uncover their secrets.
Much like their <REDACTED> Compatriots, <REDACTED> still see themselves purely as male, although their new Raptor family are far more likely to make sure these new ladies act lady-like...

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