Sunday, January 6, 2013

Possible MINITru: Whipps

WHIPPS - Jays in MiniTru have a special place as interrogators and convincers. Some like this job... a bit too much. Whips are Jays (And the occasional Grackle) who have embraced true sadism, or masochism, or both. To them, Pain is Desire, and Desire is Pain. And they're wonderful at their jobs. With a Grackle's taste in leathers, a Jay's sensibilities for pistol, knife and a savage grin, and MiniTru approved AnswRevTech (a whip) and BlankDescrip++ (a Mask), a Whipp on the offensive is a Threat+.

Like Jackdaw Enforcers & Agents, Whipps do ally themselves to Rooks of the greater Mourning Veil, as torturers and "diplomats", but still hold an allegiance to MiniTru. This allegiance can become stressed, strained and tested, and eventually broken: no known ex-MiniTruOps have sided with Art over Secrets and survived, and likewise Rooks that disobey MiniTru often find their House's dealings turning sour.

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